A documentary Film by Audrey Geyer

WARRIOR LAWYERS is a one-hour documentary about Native American role models, Nation Re-Building and Tribal Justice. Through the personal and professional stories of American Indian Attorneys, Tribal Judges and their colleagues, the program provides an overview of the major historical, governmental, legal, judicial and intertwining social justice issues shaping many Federally Recognized Nations today.

The little known and underreported issues examined in the documentary include: Tribal Sovereignty, Federal Recognition, Treaty Rights, Historical Trauma, Violence Against Indian Women, Indian Child Welfare as well as Restorative Justice practices such as Peacemaking and Healing to Wellness Drug Courts.

Through the exploration of these over arching and foundational Native American issues, the documentary reveals how traditional Indigenous values and cultural practices can effectively be utilized to face contemporary tribal challenges as well as promote healing and Sacred Justice in mainstream society at the county, state and federal levels.

Warrior Lawyers: Defenders of Sacred Justice

More specifically, viewers will come to understand how these social and systemic changes can lower the country’s staggering incarceration rates, decrease the disproportionately high imprisonment of minorities, help derail the school-to prison pipeline, lower the number of children placed in foster care and stem the tide of violence against women on and off the reservation.

AUDIENCE: 7th Grade to Adult

Warrior Lawyers: Defenders of Sacred Justice

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